Types of Storage


Household Storage - space leased to customers who use the space to store personal belongings. Household storage is often used to de-clutter a home or garage. Other uses for storage are to warehouse items during a home remodeling project, to prepare a house for sale, or in the midst of moving. Household storage is also used for changes in lifestyles such as retirement, marriage, a death in the family, or divorce. Common items stored in a storage unit often include furniture, clothes, and files.


Business Storage - space leased to businesses of any size that use storage for commercial purposes. Examples of businesses that find business storage useful are retail stores, restaurants, landscapers, architects, contractors, pharmaceutical representatives, etc. Business storage often warehouses retail fixtures, restaurant equipment, landscaping equipment, contractor supplies and tools, resale products, etc.


Boat & RV Parking - space used by individuals and businesses to store a boat or recreational vehicle. Owners and drivers of boats, RVs, motorcycles, campers, oversized, and commercial vehicles find parking space storage a convenient way to store and access their boats and vehicles.